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Bathtub Refinishing & Reglazing

We've got the skills & knowledge to be able to takle any job of any size, or color. We're here to help you turn your old bathtub into one that feels and looks completely new. View our Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about our services.
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Whether its Bathtub Refinishing, Bathtub Resurfacing, Tile Reglazing, or Tile & Tub Chip Repair, Bathmaster's Inc has got you covered! Bathmaster's Inc uses the highest quality materials and techniques to resurface or reglaze your bathtub. Your newly resurfaced tub will last for decades to come! 
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Whether you're a local homeowner with a single tub or a corporation with enough tubs to fill a hotel, Bathmasters Inc. can handle the job.  Contact us today for a free quote.
Answers to Our
- Frequently Asked Questions -

My bathroom tile is over two decades old and completely worn out. I want to replace it, but I simply can't afford it. What options do I have?

 As trusted Michigan remodelers, we can help you save time and money. Resurfacing can give you exactly the change you're looking for at a fraction of what replacing tile, tubs, countertops, or sinks would cost. As your fixtures or tiles age, the porcelain underneath the surface becomes exposed, leaving it open to stains and damage from water and dirt. Resurfacing can restore needed protection and create a brand-new look that can be customized to any style or décor. 

Why spend a huge amount of money removing and replacing plumbing and kitchen fixtures when you can enjoy bathtub reglazing or resurfacing of other fixtures at a fraction of the cost and time?

Generally, resurfacing can be completed in a matter of hours (larger-than-average projects may take longer) and are ready for use within a day. Refinishing can extend the life of your fixtures for years to come.

What about tiled bathroom countertops and sinks? I want a completely new look, but I'm not sure if replacing them is only option.

It's not! If you want to transform your worn-out, stained tiled bathroom vanity countertops and sink, resurfacing is an extremely cost-efficient alternative to replacement. You can restore that new look and customize for any color.

Can I pick my own colors when refinishing?

Yes. Resurfacing allows you to choose colors to match your existing décor or fit the colors for your remodeling plan. If you have a very specific color in mind, we can create custom blends for an exact match. Just let us know, and we'll guide you through the process, whether you want minor adjustments and dramatic changes.

How much can I save by resurfacing?

While that answer may vary, consider what you would have to go through with replacement. First, you'll have to go through the costly and complicated process of tearing your old fixture out. Then you'll have to purchase a completely new fixture. Finally comes the task of reinstalling, which can be a huge endeavor by itself, not to mention cleanup and any additional repairs that are involved. 

Why spend all the time and money when you can simply resurface?

Our friendly team of technicians will come in and determine exactly the look you want, whether you need a tub refinish or anything else. Within a matter of hours, you will have a completely transformed fixture that you can use in 12-48 hours. We will leave the area completely clean, and you'll be able to enjoy a great looking fixture for years to come.

What is the process of resurfacing?

Here's how it works:
1) We will chemically treat the surface of your worn-out fixture and fill a few chips or scratches, corrosion and large chips may cost extra, sanding them smooth. 
2) Then we will apply multiple layers of our state-of-the-art material. This will give you a durable surface that looks beautiful and lasts for years.
3) You can begin enjoying your new fixture. Keep it clean and stain-free using liquid cleaners. 

Our materials are the best in the industry and tested for durability and appearance. All of our materials are service and materials are backed up with a guarantee.

Why Use an Aliphatic Urethane Coating System?

There are five distinctly different types of urethanes, but virtually all the manufacturers will agree, and extensive industry use has shown, that a fully crosslinked aliphatic, ASTM TYPE 5 urethane is the most durable, and the most practical long term finish available today.

The Crucial Difference: Crosslink Density

The most critical difference between high- and low-density crosslinked coatings is that the actual number of chemical bonds hold the molecules together. The higher the crosslinked density of a coating, the higher the overall film toughness and chemical resistance. Since Bathmasters Inc.'s coating is a very high crosslinked system, it offers the most long-term value to your refinished bathtub as compared to other coatings, such as low-link urethanes, polyesters, epoxies, or enamels now available.

Formula Characteristics

Film Hardness
Aliphatic urethane coatings were introduced to the U.S. in the '60s, primarily for the aerospace industry to protect surfaces that were subjected to sand and ice particles at hundreds of mile per hour. Bathmasters Inc.'s finish is the most resilient and the most popular of these types of urethanes.
The impact durability of Bathmasters Inc.'s finish is superior to other types of coatings and is rated 10 in scuff and mar tests. This durability translates to a tough coating that takes constant abuse with minimum wear.

High Gloss
A distinctive advantage of a high crosslinking aliphatic urethane, like ours, is the resin-rich wear layer that forms at the surface during the curing cycle. This layer provides long-term protection for the pigment particles, improves color and gloss retention and gives that deep, rich gloss associated with high quality urethanes.

UV Screening Agents
Bathmasters, Inc.'s finish has ultraviolet light screening agents U.V.R and ULTRABLOCK protecting the surface against harmful light radiation, which will turn many coatings, particularly epoxies, prematurely yellow. The formula we use extends the lifespan of your refinished product by keeping the finish bright and colorfast, which guarantees long-term satisfaction.

Bathmasters Inc.'s finish offers a precisely crosslinked cured coating system, topcoat to primer, primer to substrate. The superior performance of our bonded coating is a direct result of not just the premium urethane itself, but the capability of the primer system to support the topcoat. This system is truly the most effective for refinishing, particularly the porcelain and ceramic field.

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